More customers through more participation?

Berlin, 29.-30. September 2005

Thursday, 29 September Dimensions of user interests

Opening and welcome 09.30-10.15
Dr. Hans-Liudger Dienel, nexus
Heinz Krafft-Neuhäuser, BVG, Berlin
Introduction to the programme, Martin Schiefelbusch, nexus, Berlin

I: Participation on stage and behind the scenes 10.15-12.00
Consumers - users or co-designers?, Dr. Otmar Lell, vzbv, Berlin
Lobbying for public transport - what matters?, Lothar Ebbers, Pro Bahn NRW, Oberhausen
Moderation: Christfried Tschepe, Berliner Fahrgastverband IGEB

II: Citizens' involvement in transport planning: Challenges and results 13.00-14.30
"Transport planning with the people - the 'customer dialogue' of BVG Berlin", Heinz Krafft-Neuhäuser, BVG, Berlin (German only)
Moderation: Lothar Ebbers, Pro Bahn NRW

III: The customers' perspective in quality management 14.45-16.15
DIN EN 13816 and its importance for public transport, Hartwig Meier, MoBiel, Bielefeld
The customers' perspective in quality management, Gabriela Felder, VBB, Berlin
"Customer- or authority-driven quality management?", Astrid Karl, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin
Moderation: Jenny Schmithals, nexus; Berlin

IV: Passenger rights - crucial or marginal for consumer protection? 16.45-18.45
The users' problems and possible solutions, Markus Franke, Schlichtungsstelle Mobilität, Berlin
Balanced development of passenger rights, Henrik Lindemann, Deutsche Bahn AG, Berlin (German only)
"Customer charters - soft law as one step towards a necessary codification of passenger rights", Prof. Ansgar Staudinger, Forschungsstelle Reiserecht, Universität Bielefeld
Moderation: Dr. Otmar Lell, vzbv

Friday 30 September Making the users' voice heard - Solutions on different scales

Opening and welcome to day 2 09.15-09.30
Dr. Hans-Liudger Dienel, nexus

V: Public transport and user representation in Europe 09.30-11.00
"Report from Brussels - The importance of customer-oriented public transport in Europe", Michael Cramer MdEP, Berlin
Moderation: Dr. Hans-Liudger Dienel, nexus Institut

VI: Regional campaigning structures 11.30-13.00
National styles and attitudes towards participation in planning, Reinhard Hössinger, Boku University, Vienna
Passenger advisory boards - concepts and experiences in Germany and Austria, Martin Schiefelbusch/Martin Fliegel, nexus, Berlin
Moderation: Gunter Heinickel, TU Berlin

VII: Influencing transport planning locally 14.00-15.30
OV-Platforms - working together for public transport, Huibert Verdoold, Ondersteuning collectief Personenvervoer aan Consumentenorganisaties (OPC), Rotterdam
'Watchdogs' - the example of LTUC and the British system of institutionalised representation, John Cartledge, London Transport Users Committee (LTUC), London
Moderation: Trevor Garrod, European Passengers' Federation

VIII: Alternative dispute resolution - helping individually16.00-17.30
"The BVG travel guarantee - lessons learnt since 1997", Thorsten Ekoloff/Derrick Fulton, BVG, Berlin
The impact of service guarantees on customer satisfaction, Dr. Sara Björlin-Lidén, Karlstad University (S)
"Resolving conflicts - Dutch experiences in transport and other sectors", Jack Nijgh, Geschillencommissies voor consumentenzaken, Den Haag
Moderation: John Cartledge, London Transport Users Committee

Final discussion, conclusions, policy implications
Moderation: Dr. Hans-Liudger Dienel, nexus, Berlin