ConferenceConference "More customers through more participation?"

The international conference "Mehr Kunden durch mehr Beteiligung? - More customers through more participation?" was held in Berlin as part of the BUSREP project on 29 and 30 September 2005. The event was targeted at transport planners, politicians and scientists, consumer and environmental organisations as well as citizens' groups involved in transport. Its aims were to provide information about good practice, discuss the general issues associated with transport user participation and representation and act as an opportunity for dialogue between users and providers.
More than 60 experts participated in the intense discussion of possibilities, benefits and difficulties of better representation of public transport users. The first day covered the various levels of planning and implementation in a series of panel discussions. The second day focused on concrete procedures and instruments. Presentations were given - amongst others - by speakers from the European Commission, the German mediation office for mobility, German railways, the Berlin public transport operator BVG, European Passengers Federation, Federation of German Consumer Organisations, the transport authority of Berlin-Brandenburg VBB, German institute for urban affairs, London Transport Users Committee and the Dutch arbitration board for public transport SGC.
On this site you find the conference programme in German and English.
Most presentations are available for download, but some only in one language.